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About US

Our Philosophy

We believe that music is communication; therefore, learning music should enhance communication skills, helping students to be compassionate listeners as well as clear and intentional in their communication. 


We believe that music requires sensitivity and attention. We aim to help students to develop a more keen sense for themselves and their environment. We trust that a good music education will enhance attentiveness in all aspects of students' lives. 


We believe that music requires discipline and grit. The practice of music helps students to be more process oriented. Students that practice music have the opportunity to develop greater patience, determination and analytic skills for accomplishing tasks and overcoming challenges. 


We believe that music has the power of connecting people. It is our goal for our students to grow beyond private lessons into members of ensembles. Through ensemble practice, students' collaborative skills are nurtured. The ability to play music with others is a skill that students can carry with them anywhere in the world. A Philly Music Factory student might find themselves in a place where they don't speak the oral language; however, they will be able to communicate through the universal language of music. 


We believe that music education and performance opportunities should be available to all, regardless of age and experience level. Our programming is designed to support individuals at all stages of their musical journey. 


We understand that people have a variety of different learning styles. We believe in the importance of being flexible in our methods in order to align with the learning styles of our students. 


We believe that music should be fun and cathartic. We aspire to support our students to not be hindered by the potential tedium that can occur in music study. We are dedicated to a process that supports students in having fun and understanding that their music is an outlet for them to express their emotions and imagination. 

Who We Are


A note from Vince Johnson, PMF's founder:


Philly Music Factory was founded in 2017. It was my attempt to bridge my personal interests and the various communities that I am a part of. I am a professional dancer/choreographer and through my career, collaboration with composers and musicians has been central to my work.  As my business partner, Ish Payne, and I were in the process of expanding our After School Pick Up Program, which already comprised martial arts and dance, I had an epiphany that offering music lessons would hit home in our community.  The Music Factory got its start with two of my very close friends,  Francois and Chrissie, with only a handful of students. We've since grown to serve between 30 and 50 students per day at our Center City location.  And proudly, our staff includes an exciting group of professional artists working across a number of musical genres. 


Along with offering private lessons, the school is committed to supporting the artistic careers of its staff through marketing their milestones and events as well as producing performance opportunities for them and other local musicians. 


I will also share that I am a proud student of the school, taking weekly guitar, drum and ensemble lessons. Of course, there is no getting around the bias that arises from the care and investment that I have in our team and overall project. Nevertheless, there is no exaggeration nor fabrication around the immense benefit that I've received from music education. Learning music has helped me in a number of different ways. It has reinforced my capacities for establishing methods and processes for my self-development and learning. The increased focus on listening has supported my study and practice of French and Spanish. It has made me think more critically in how I listen in conversations, in general.  It has enhanced my work as a dance educator, influencing the incorporation of new pedagogical devices. It has provided me with a new form of leisure and active rest. The brain exercise of music is extremely stimulating and rewarding, even though it is writhed with obstacles and failure. It is a fun and low cost activity for developing grit. It has provided me with a new pathway for expression and connection. For example, I recently got together with a friend that I've known for more than 20 years. With my new capacity to play guitar, we were able to sing and make music together for the first time. Music is a bridge for many possibilities. 


All of our journeys with music education will be unique, but we all stand to gain immensely. Whether you're an adult or child, Philly Music Factory is committed to helping you to connect with how music can best serve you. The journey in music has an array of possibilities and the Factory is here to help you find your way. Philly Music Factory aspires to continually evolve its capacity to serve music students of all ages and levels, while promoting the development and performance of local music projects.


I take great pleasure in welcoming you to our community and supporting you in your journey through the universe of music.

Philly Music Factory Partners 

Philly Music Factory is a part of a network of organizations serving Center City, Philadelphia with arts and athletic enrichment for over 30 years, combined. 


MoveMakers Philly

Martial Posture Studio

After School Philly

Urban Movement Arts

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