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Guitar Instructor

Guitar Lessons

There are so many reasons to start learning a new instrument, especially when it comes to the guitar. Guitar is used in almost all of the music you listen to today, whether it be in the background holding the rhythm section together, or up front in the form of a shredding solo. 

Our team is full of dedicated teachers and working musicians, well versed in various musical genres. Anything from Jazz to Classical, Rock, Pop, and more. Our guitar teachers' are devoted to framing lessons around each student's personal wants and needs. Classes range from beginner to advanced. Some highlights of our lessons include; learning basic chords, how to read music, fretting, strumming, and picking. Other levels include advanced rhythmic techniques, building improvisational skills, and working towards collaborating musically with others. Regardless of age, learning music is so impactful for the structural function of our brains. This is why we offer lessons to all ages 5 and up.

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Playing the Piano is an enjoyable activity. Whether you’re interested in piano classes for kids, or beginner piano lessons for adults, we’ve got you covered. Philly Music Factory offers a variety of options to accommodate everyone’s goals for piano. Our instructors are versed in teaching you the proper technique's as for posture, finger placement, notes rhythm, melodies and more. Lessons include playing scales ,chords, reading chords charts, reading both hands on the piano and more.

We offer beginner to advanced lessons for all ages ranging from 3 yrs old to Adult. 



If you love the sounds and melodies you’ve heard pouring from the violin, what better way to express your inner self than through a lesson. 

Consider taking classes with Philly Music Factory, our team is dedicated to each of their students. We believe in guiding students to tools that better access their abilities and in helping them to unlock their potential. 

Looking to collaborate or perform, we’ve got you. Looking to learn the basics, and theory, we’re on it. Lessons offered to ages 5 and up.

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Drums / World Percussion

Drums are at the center of almost every beat that makes you move. This exciting instrument is one of the oldest in the world and used for many different genre’s of music. Our amazing drum instructor will equip you to understand  the many components for the drum itself and its sound and equip you to read drum music. Philly Music Factory offers beginner to advanced lessons for all ages ranging from 5 yrs old to Adult.  



The cello is a fascinating and versatile instrument that anyone can learn to play.  Welcoming all levels from beginner to advanced. Lessons feature technique, music theory, thumb positioning skills, notes and scales, compound cords and more.   



Have you ever been listening to a song and thought, “How can I sing like that?” Maybe you’ve tried but felt like you didn’t know where to even begin? Taking vocal lessons can be the perfect first step. Whether you want to just sing karaoke with your friends, or write and perform your own original music, we offer lessons that fit your curiosity and learning needs. 

Singing can be a beautiful outlet, telling a story through lyrics or expressing ourselves through tone. 

Our voice teachers will help work to uplift and further develop your ability to confidently participate in the joy of music. One of the most powerful instruments in the world is your voice! Learn proper singing posture, breath control, vocal technique, warm-ups that fit your voice, expand your vocal range, develop your musical tone, learn theory, and much more. Our team is happy to take on any ages ranging from 5 and up.

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