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Guitar Lessons


The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments of all time. Our team is well versed in acoustic, electric, and classical guitar. We offer lessons in all genres that you might enjoy including Jazz, Classical, Rock and Pop. Guitar classes make your music learning journey fun. Philly Music Factory offers all levels of guitar lessons from beginner to advanced.  Learn basic cords, how to read music, fretting, strumming, and picking. Other levels include advanced rhythmic techniques such as legato phrasing, performance preparation, solo artistry, string skipping and more. Lessons for all ages ranging from 5 yrs old to Adult.  

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Playing the Piano is an enjoyable activity. Whether you’re interested in piano classes for kids, or beginner piano lessons for adults, we’ve got you covered. Philly Music Factory offers a variety of options to accommodate everyone’s goals for piano. Our instructors are versed in teaching you the proper technique's as for posture, finger placement, notes rhythm, melodies and more. Lessons include playing scales ,chords, reading chords charts, reading both hands on the piano and more.

We offer beginner to advanced lessons for all ages ranging from 3 yrs old to Adult. 



If you love the sweet sounds of the violin and long to express your inner self through music, consider taking violin classes with Philly Music Factory. Countless pieces of music in almost every genre have been written for the violin. Our instructors are experienced with helping you to understand the instrument and to be confident in your playing. We offer beginner to advanced lessons for all ages ranging from 3 yrs old to Adult.  

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Drums / World Percussion

Drums are at the center of almost every beat that makes you move. This exciting instrument is one of the oldest in the world and used for many different genre’s of music. Our amazing drum instructor will equip you to understand  the many components for the drum itself and its sound and equip you to read drum music. Philly Music Factory offers beginner to advanced lessons for all ages ranging from 5 yrs old to Adult.  



The cello is a fascinating and versatile instrument that anyone can learn to play.  Welcoming all levels from beginner to advanced. Lessons feature technique, music theory, thumb positioning skills, notes and scales, compound cords and more.   



If you've ever watched a musical and said to yourself, "I wish I could do that," then voice lessons are the best first step. Taking singing lessons will develop your ability to confidently participate in the joy of music, whether by joining a choir, singing at a karaoke, or singing at your school or professional events. One of the most powerful instruments in the world is your voice.  Learn proper singing posture, breathing techniques vocal warm-ups, vocal range, musical tone, and music theory